Beautifully Crafted for BrewDog


At WoodenBox UK, we're always happy to develop bespoke products for clients, never more so than when BrewDog approached us to design a premium hardwood box with a sliding lid.

The box was needed to promote the launch of a new craft beer - Death of Glory. BrewDog wanted the individual bottles to fit snuggly into the box, which had to have a heat-branded logo applied to the lid.

After samples were made and approved, an initial order was received and completed in just two weeks, arriving in good time for the first despatches of the new beer.

Our work with BrewDog hasn't stopped there. They wanted a bespoke table top chalkboard for their 'Punk IPA' craft beer.

Our sister company, Chalkboards UK, was able to design a shaped chalkboard, printed in one colour on both sides and mounted into a printed hardwood base. BrewDog's Marketing Department and Bar Managers were so happy with the first order, a second batch for the same quantity was soon on its way to Scotland!

These two bespoke products have allowed us to build up a great working relationship with BrewDog, for whom we are now working on another project for larger shaped chalkboards to go in their bottle shops.

If you would like more information on our bespoke work, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01384 445844, or e-mail

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